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WeavePay x Telegram Integration

We’ve integrated Telegram as a tool to log into your account, confirm payments via 3DS, and get payment notifications. 

This solves a big issue for our global clients: the hassle of changing phone numbers and missing important payment codes.

Here's what you gain with this feature:

Speed: Get instant confirmations via Telegram.

Privacy: Telegram shares our commitment to your security.

Reliability: Telegram has a more robust infrastructure than many telecom providers. This integration minimizes the chances of you missing crucial notifications or being unable to log into your account. 

Independence: Regardless of what SIM card (phone number) you’re using, you can perform all standard operations by confirming things from your Telegram account.

How to connect your personal WeavePay account to Telegram:

1. Go to "settings" in your WP dashboard. 

2. Click on the "Connect" button.

3. Press the "Open Telegram" button.

4. (If prompted) Click the "Open link" button. (Note: This step might be skipped if you've previously allowed Telegram to open links).

5. Finally, hit the "Start" button.

You’re now connected. 

Connecting your business account to Telegram:

If you are a Business cardholder, you should also connect via your business card cabinet: 

  1. Navigate to the Business card cabinet settings within your WP dashboard. 
  2. Click on the "Connect" button. 
  3. Follow the same steps as outlined above to complete the connection.

Note: If you are both the cardholder and the business owner, connect in both the main cabinet settings and the business card cabinet settings to fully integrate both accounts with Telegram.

To make sure everything is set up correctly, refresh the settings page on your WeavePay portal.

We value your feedback as we refine our services. If you have any issues or suggestions about this new Telegram feature, please email us at support@weavepay.io or contact your account manager.

We also invite you to engage with us on Instagram and LinkedIn.