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Why WeavePay is Committed to Personal Relationships

In an age where technology advances at an almost violent pace, it is imperative that we pause and reflect on values.

One value that we at WeavePay keep top of mind is the significance of human mentorship in the contemporary business landscape.

With factors such as working from home, social media, and the growing instinct to first ask Google a question and refer to a colleague only as a last resort - we believe that a healthy emphasis on collaboration is vital to promote growth and work satisfaction.

At WeavePay, we recognize the invaluable exchange that occurs when seasoned professionals share insights with their younger counterparts, whose innovative minds, in turn, bring a refreshing perspective.

Our ethos centres on fostering a diverse array of opinions and cultivating an environment of open dialogue. This approach has been instrumental in guiding us to robust solutions for the multifaceted challenges we face when it comes to revolutionizing banking.

The Fabric of WeavePay’s Work Culture:

If we had to sum up our culture in one word, it would be mentorship.

The adage that professionals cultivate professionals holds true. However, contrary to popular belief, mentorship is not a unidirectional process.

Quite the opposite of that, mentorship is a two-way street.

All genuinely great relationships are symbiotic, and in the case of mentorship, the mentor gleans as much insights as the wisdom they impart.

Making this philosophy the cornerstone of our culture has created a virtuous cycle of mutual enrichment, sparking financial growth and a deep sense of fulfilment for our work.

Investing in the New:

At WeavePay, we aim to balance experience with youthfulness and fresh perspectives. For instance, our London office, where the average age is approximately 28 years, is markedly below the industry average of 44.

In contrast, our other office in Riga is populated by a more experienced crowd, with many of our members possessing 20+ years of banking experience.

This strategic emphasis on diversity is more than a quest for vibrancy. It reflects our commitment to fostering a workforce adept at navigating an ever-evolving technological landscape and unencumbered by outdated and unidimensional paradigms.

It is only natural for humans to be in environments where people of all ages and experiences are represented, and that is precisely why we continue to foster this within our ranks.

As emergent systems challenge our perceptions, we want to ensure we are fully braced for change.

The Indispensability of Human Touch:

The emergence of artificial intelligence, epitomized by systems like ChatGPT and Google Bard, has been staggering. Recent reports from May 2023 indicate that automation is causing significant workforce reductions. Many employers are so confident in the ability of AI to replace humans that in May of 2023, close to 4,000 people were estimated to have been fired and replaced by AI.

While we advocate for the judicious adoption of technological innovations, we firmly believe in the indispensability of the human element. It is the human workforce that constitutes the essence of any enterprise.

At WeavePay, our commitment to this principle is reflected in our policy of no chat-bots. We assure our clients that they will always interact with a human representative who is devoted to catering to their specific needs.

Business is inherently human-centric, and as prevalent as AI may become in the coming years, the human touch will remain irreplaceable.

The Path Forward:

As we reflect on the incredible feats we’ve accomplished

over the three years, we’ve been a company, one thing is certain - mentorship will continue to remain at the core of what it means to work at WeavePay.

A political activist and author, Ralph Nader, once said, “The true test of any leader is not whether he can create followers but whether he can create other leaders.”

At WeavePay, we are committed to nurturing leaders, not followers, by creating a culture that is both intellectually stimulating and deeply respectful of human values.

Our trajectory is set: an upward path marked by innovation, authenticity, and human-centred solutions.

If you share our values and are interested in being challenged, contact us.