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What is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI)?

An Electronic Money Institution, or EMI, is a company licensed to issue electronic money, which serves as a digital equivalent of physical cash. WeavePay is an EMI licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our goal is to enable entrepreneurs from around the world to access global markets, and give people the ability to spend and receive money freely no matter where they're from.

Is an EMI the same as a Bank?

No. There are crucial differences between banks and EMIs. While banks and EMIs are both strictly regulated, the license of an EMI doesn't permit it to offer investment, deposit, or credit services without partnering up with another licensed entity that can do those things.

However, like a traditional bank, EMIs can open unique IBAN accounts for customers, facilitating seamless payment and receipt of funds. Likewise, some EMIs like WeavePay also issue Visa debit cards, which are accepted worldwide and provide customers with additional convenience.

How Can an EMI Simplify Global Business Operations?

Business operations can be financially complex, particularly when dealing with cross-border transactions. Traditional banks present their own set of challenges, like high fees and complicated procedures. This is where Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) shine.

An EMI is an agile and innovative financial institution licensed to offer electronic money services. Unlike traditional banks, EMIs provide greater flexibility and faster services, including quick international transactions without needing multiple bank accounts in different currencies.

What is electronic money?

Electronic Money, or e-money, is like digital cash. It's a way to store money electronically instead of in a physical wallet or bank. Despite being digital, E-Money is tied to fiat, government-issued money, which sets it apart from cryptocurrency.

One key point about e-money is that it doesn't earn interest when it sits in your account. It can be held in two main ways: on a physical card like a prepaid or chip and pin card or a software program you can use on your phone or computer. When you get E-Money, you're basically trading in your physical cash for a digital form. This makes it a handy way to pay for things, acting a lot like cash but without needing someone else to okay the transaction.

In a nutshell, E-Money:

  1. Is kept in an electronic format
  2. Is made when you put money into an account, ready for you to spend
  3. Can be used to pay for things at places other than where you got it from

How Can an EMI Help Me Simplify Global Business Operations?

Navigating the financial landscape can be a complex task for businesses, particularly when dealing with cross-border transactions. Traditional banks present a multitude of challenges, from high fees to complex procedures such as the requirement to be present in person to open an account and waiting weeks, if not months, until it's opened. This is where EMIs, like WeavePay, offer a refreshing alternative.

With an EMI like WeavePay, you can open a bank account in less than 48 hours, cutting down the lengthy time frames associated with traditional banks. This swift and efficient process allows businesses to get up and running without unnecessary delays, giving them more time to focus on their core operations.

Once your account is open, you get instant access to the global banking ecosystem. This means you can engage in international transactions from the get-go without having to navigate the complex procedures of traditional banks.

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits is accepting and sending payments in the native currency of your business partners or existing customers. This feature greatly simplifies the process of cross-border transactions and eliminates the hassle of currency conversions, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to operate on a global scale.

Why Should Businesses Choose WeavePay Over Other EMIs or Traditional Banks?

WeavePay stands out from other EMIs and traditional banks for a variety of reasons:

  1. Simplicity and Convenience: Managing your business finances should not be a hassle. Our easy setup and user-friendly interfaces reflect this commitment.
  2. Affordable FX Services: Our competitive foreign exchange rates allow businesses to conduct international transactions without worrying about steep exchange rates.

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