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Portugal, a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, is increasingly attracting attention for both business and personal connections. As interest in this enchanting nation grows, understanding its financial landscape becomes essential. This guide aims to provide clarity on Portugal's payment systems and the fees involved in making transfers. For those drawn to Portugal, whether for its vibrant cities, historic sites, or tranquil settings, comprehending its payment methods is key. A thorough understanding of these financial dynamics ensures that your monetary dealings in Portugal are as smooth and fulfilling as your experiences in this captivating country. For non-residents, particularly those involved in high-spend international businesses, fintech solutions like WeavePay can offer enhanced and more accessible payment services.

Which payment systems are widely used and popular in Portugal?

In Portugal, a diverse range of payment systems caters to the varying needs of the population. The most prevalent ones include:


Multibanco stands out as one of Portugal's most popular and widely used payment systems. It is an interbank network facilitating many financial transactions, including online purchases. With its integration into online payment services, Multibanco offers a comprehensive range of services through ATMs, online banking, and mobile apps.


MB WAY is a mobile-based payment system linked to Multibanco, making it an excellent choice for online payment processing. Users can connect their bank accounts to the MB WAY app, allowing seamless smartphone transactions. This system supports contactless payments, peer-to-peer transfers, and even ATM withdrawals, providing a versatile solution for those who accept online payments.

Credit and Debit Cards 

Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in Portugal, offering global convenience for locals and international online businesses. Visa and Mastercard, commonly linked to International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs), provide a reliable and secure means of payment. The prevalence of card acceptance extends to various establishments, from restaurants to retail outlets, enhancing the overall convenience for those accepting online payments.


In Portugal, PayPal has become a popular choice for online businesses, offering a convenient way to handle international transactions. Its easy-to-use interface and secure payment processing capabilities make it well-suited for online purchases. Users can link their bank accounts or credit cards, including those with an IBAN, to their PayPal accounts for smooth online payments. This integration contributes to a secure and efficient digital payment ecosystem, though for larger-scale business operations, more comprehensive banking solutions are often necessary.

What are the charges linked to transferring funds to Portugal?

Understanding the transfer fees associated with sending money to Portugal is essential for individuals and businesses engaged in international transactions. The fees can vary depending on the method chosen and the service provider involved.

Bank Transfer fees

Traditional bank transfers may incur variable fees depending on the banks involved and the type of transfer (e.g., SEPA or SWIFT). SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfers within the Eurozone generally have lower fees than international SWIFT transfers. It's advisable to check with the specific banks for their fee structures and any additional charges that may apply.

Multibanco and MB WAY fees

Multibanco and MB WAY typically involve minimal or no transfer fees for domestic transactions within Portugal. These systems are well-integrated into the local financial infrastructure, offering cost-effective solutions for individuals and businesses conducting transactions within the country.


While PayPal provides a convenient platform for international transactions, users should be aware of the associated fees. Transaction fees, currency conversion fees, and withdrawal fees may apply, depending on the nature of the transaction. Checking PayPal's fee schedule and adjusting settings accordingly can help users make informed decisions.

What features make Weavepay the ideal selection when considering transferring funds to Portugal?

WeavePay, as a versatile business account supporting multiple currencies, has redefined companies' financial transactions by ensuring seamless outbound transactions and immediate payment receipts, setting it apart from traditional banking systems. Specifically designed for businesses, WeavePay offers instant transfers, providing unparalleled convenience, and boasts user-friendly transaction fees, making it a cost-effective solution for cross-border transactions. The platform's unique accounts tailored for each foreign business cater to diverse financial needs, emphasizing its commitment to high-quality service. The benefits of using WeavePay include the following:

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With support for various currencies and rigorous regulatory compliance accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), WeavePay aligns with the international nature of businesses, ensuring smoother and secure transactions. The platform's emphasis on speed and security makes it ideal for safeguarding users' payment information. As a regulatory-compliant payment gateway, WeavePay simplifies global financial transactions and shapes the financial landscape. WeavePay stands out as an innovative solution, offering a secure, efficient, and cost-effective means of conducting business globally.