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Malta's economy, boosted by sectors like financial services and tourism, offers a favorable environment for entrepreneurs. Understanding the various payment options, however, remains a challenge for business owners. The country emphasizes digitization, research and development, and stability, fostering an innovative atmosphere. Yet, there's a growing need for detailed information about local payment choices among domestic marketers. Malta also provides a supportive legal and regulatory framework for financial transactions.

In this context, let's explore the available payment methods in Malta and how WeavePay can enhance these services, particularly for businesses involved in high-value international payments.

Which payment networks does Malta offer?

Malta provides a variety of payment networks that are widely accessible throughout Europe due to its membership in the European Union (EU). Malta makes extensive use of the following major international payment networks:


Visa cards are widely accepted in Malta and are used for various transactions, including online purchases, in-store payments, and booking services. Whether customers maintain their bank accounts, access international bank accounts, or enter payment information into a reliable and secure payment system, they offer accessibility and convenience and meet various demands.


In Malta's digital landscape, online payment gateways like PayPal play a crucial role, offering an alternative to traditional card payments. These systems, including PayPal, are extensively utilized for online payment processing, ensuring secure transaction methods. They enable online businesses to accept a variety of payment methods, facilitating smooth payment processes for internet-based transactions. While these platforms are suitable for individual use and small-scale transactions, international businesses often require more robust and versatile banking solutions to manage their larger, more complex financial operations effectively.

Contactless payment networks

Contactless payment networks, illustrated by services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, are gaining significant acceptance in Malta because of their unsurpassed ease and speedy transaction processing. Among various online payment methods, these techniques allow customers to easily make payments by touching their smartphones or gadgets at appropriate terminals. The growing use of these contactless payment solutions underlines their user-friendliness, enabling quick and safe transactions for making and receiving payments within Malta's burgeoning payment ecosystem.

Mastercard and American Express Card

Mastercard stands out as a widely embraced payment network in Malta, offering extensive acceptance among both local and international retailers. The convenience extends to online platforms, allowing customers to seamlessly utilize Mastercard for a variety of digital transactions. This widespread acceptance facilitates ease and flexibility for international businesses and entrepreneurs conducting transactions in Malta.

While American Express cards may not enjoy the same ubiquity as Visa and Mastercard in Malta, certain retailers, organizations, and online payment services do welcome them. Despite its more limited usage, American Express provides an additional payment avenue for individuals engaging in both in-person and online transactions, enhancing the options available to customers.

Being a member of the EU, Malta adheres to the regulations of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and SWIFT. This commitment promotes standardized euro-based transactions within the European Economic Area (EEA), streamlining processes for those utilizing IBAN (international bank account number) forms. This standardized approach benefits customers with both resident and non-resident bank accounts.

Malta's business landscape and its customers enjoy the advantages of diverse payment networks, including bank transfers and Internet payment processing. This robust environment ensures smooth local and international transactions, creating a conducive ecosystem for entrepreneurs. The integration of mobile payments further enhances flexibility and convenience, meeting the evolving needs of modern businesses.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Malta?

The cost of sending money to Malta can vary depending on several factors, including the mode of transfer, the service provider utilized, the amount being sent, currency conversion costs (if applicable), and transfer speed (standard or expedited).

Here are some examples of usual fees and considerations:

  • Receiving Fees
  • Fees for transfers
  • The exchange rate
  • Fees for bank intermediaries

While transaction fees are commonly associated with international money transfers, they can take various forms, such as fixed rates or percentages of the transferred amount. However, depending on the amount deposited, services such as WeavePay function differently. Find out more about the weavePay pricing schedule.

Why transfer money to Malta with WeavePay?

Our pricing structure at WeavePay is designed to mirror the exceptional quality of service and advanced financial tools that our customers receive. When it comes to firms utilizing multi-currency corporate accounts for money transfers to Finland, WeavePay stands out as a preferred payment service, offering numerous benefits.

Key Features of WeavePay:
  • Cross-Border Payment Facilitation
  • Global acceptance
  • Flexible pricing structure
  • Fast transaction timeline

In essence, WeavePay goes beyond being a mere payment service; it's a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses with the tools and features needed for successful international transactions. Our pricing reflects not just the cost of the service but the tangible benefits and value that WeavePay brings to its users.