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Germany is rapidly shifting from cash to mobile payments for goods and services, with a notable increase in debit and credit card use via mobile devices. This change offers businesses opportunities to expand in the German market by adopting these preferred payment methods. This article will explore the various payment options available in Germany, focusing on their relevance to businesses.

What are the available payment methods in Germany?

PayPal is a leading payment method in Germany, particularly popular for online shopping. A recent report indicates that about 57% of German shoppers choose PayPal for online payments, highlighting its competitiveness against other mobile payment options. Overall, around 75% of German consumers prefer mobile payment systems over alternatives like the diminishing use of cash. While PayPal suits individual users well, businesses often require more robust banking solutions for their operations.

Debit and Credit Cards

Debit and credit cards are alternative payment methods for online businesses in Germany. 


Another online payment processing is SOFORT. Online businesses use it for receiving payment. It also accepts online payments, saving users from paying with conventional bank transfers. Customers can directly connect their bank account, allowing them to pay directly when they make online purchases. The connection cancels submitting your credit or debit card details when checking out. 


Although fading away among the payment options in Germany, cash is one of the payment options available in Germany. Online businesses in Germany offer services that allow consumers to pay with cash. 

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What are the transaction fees to send money to Germany?

International money transfers incur costs, and WeavePay offers competitive transaction fees for sending money to Germany. While the pricing varies for different global destinations, WeavePay's fees reflect the high-quality service and financial tools provided. 

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Why use WeavePay to send money to Germany?

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