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France, with its dynamic economy, offers vast opportunities for international entrepreneurs and businesses. The country's market, ranging from luxury fashion to e-commerce, is thriving thanks to a variety of online payment methods. With a significant presence in the global market, France is an attractive destination for new online businesses seeking to explore and benefit from these lucrative sectors.

For those interested in understanding the landscape of swift online payment services in France, this guide is a valuable resource. It provides detailed insights into money transfers and highlights the most popular payment systems used in France, tailored to the needs of international businesses aiming to establish a presence in this vibrant market.

What are the most popular payment systems in France?
Credit and Debit Cards

The credit and debit card payment system is French business's most common payment system. Statista reported that credit card payments and debit cards are used for about 75% of online purchases.  

While there are different types of credit cards in France, people use Cartes Bancaires (CB) the most. The widely used card collaborates with Mastercard and Visa to help users transact easily and are being issued by different online banks. These online payment services account for about $500 billion in annual sales.

Digital Wallet Payments

Digital Wallet comes second among other online payment services in France. Commercial businesses in France use digital wallets, allowing you to find different international companies such as Google Pay. These digital wallets also connect with Cartes Bancaires, making online payment processing easier for business owners. France has many digital wallets; PayLib is the most common because it connects with Cartes Bancaires. 

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments occupy about 38% of French e-commerce transactions. These online payment services are one of France's easiest alternative payment methods. Many customers prefer paying through digital devices, such as mobile phones and watches, from different global brands. 


Although the number of check users may have declined globally, France still uses paper checks as a payment method. You can find checkbooks with most banks in the country. The payment system is available for different purposes, including personal use. Users can use conventional checks to pay a bulky sum. 

Bank Transfers

Bank transfer is one of the popular payment processing services in the French e-commerce space. Consumers also opt for this payment system for global transactions. However, users will require their Bank account and other payment information such as SWIFT or IBAN (international bank account number). 

What are the transfer fees associated with transfers to France?

While France may be a robust scene for international trade, one must be familiar with the associated costs of sending money there. Sending money to France comes with some costs. Review the associated fees before a recipient can accept online payments in France. 

  • Outgoing transfer fees
  • Exchange rate costs
  • Initiation fees
  • Receiving fees 

However, you may be required to pay a flat fee to send an international transfer to a destination like the United Kingdom, whereby the recipient will need a bank account. Typically, a bank in the UK may require you to pay a transfer fee between £20 and £40. On the other hand, wire transfers to France can cost between $0-$50. 

WeavePay, an online payment processing system, only requires users to pay a dollar (also equivalent to their local currency) for bank transfers to an international bank account. The charges are fixed, regardless of the amount you send to France. 

Why is WeavePay the most suitable option to send money to France? 

WeavePay is a business account that supports different currencies, allowing companies to transact. Unlike conventional banking systems, sending money is hassle-free with this payment system, while receiving payment is also instant with WeavePay. 

France is known for exporting and importing professional electronics; therefore, online payment services such as WeavePay have several benefits. Below are reasons why WeavePay is the most suitable option for sending money to France. 

  • Instant transfer 
  • Friendly transaction fees
  • Unique accounts for each foreign business
  • Supports different currencies
  • WeavePay is regulatory-compliance (WeavePay is FCA)
  • Fast and secure
  • Protected users' payment information 

WeavePay is a payment gateway designed to make global monetary transactions easier. It is designed to shape the financial landscape as it supports cross-border payments. You can start sending money today to neighboring countries. Find out your eligibility status and get pre-approval within a few minutes.