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Estonia offers a competitive and appealing business environment for foreign investors and businesses due to its business-friendly policies and stable and predictable economy. Nevertheless, given the steady stream of new companies opening in Estonia, many of these companies will likely be interested in acquiring details regarding the available payment methods and ways to make business transactions. The paragraphs that follow will cover all of this and more. Let's explore the payment methods that support sending money to Estonia.

What are the payment methods supported in Estonia?

The Estonian payments market has advanced over the years as electronic methods have become more popular as a payment method, with more than 99% of payments made through banks starting through electronic channels and only 1% using non-electronic options like cash payments, paper-based payment orders, or cheques.

These are the supported payment methods in Estonia if you want to make an online purchase in Estonia or offer your customers a payment option for international transactions:

Mobile Payment

Mobile payments have gained traction in Estonia, with mobile wallet solutions and contactless payment methods becoming increasingly popular. Mobile payment apps like Mobile-ID and Smart-ID enable users to make payments using their smartphones, offering convenience and enhanced security.

Credit and Debit card

In Estonia,  Visa and Mastercard are most widely accepted, though American Express is less common but still sometimes accepted. Credit cards have become a seamless part of the financial landscape. Known for their tech-savvy approach, Estonians have embraced credit and debit cards for easy transactions. Estonia's advanced digital infrastructure makes card-friendly users a natural fit for businesses with international clients or suppliers.


In Estonia, PayPal is widely used by individual shoppers for its convenience in facilitating direct online payments from their accounts for both online and offline purchases. While users can easily link their accounts to a credit card or bank account for secure transactions, PayPal mainly caters to individual needs. For businesses, a more comprehensive solution is often necessary to handle the broader scope of their operational transactions.

Bank Transfers

"Bank transfers are a popular payment method in Estonia, valued for their affordability, security, and transparency. They are particularly advantageous for businesses, offering great value despite processing payments more slowly than credit or debit cards. This method is well-suited for large payments, allowing money to be transferred directly from an international bank account using an IBAN (International Bank Account Number). However, it's important to note that while bank transfers are efficient, opening a bank account in Estonia can be quite challenging for non-residents which is where solutions like WeavePay come into play. 

What payment networks are available in Estonia?

As technology has developed, so has electronic banking moved forward over the years such that today, paying by card or using online banking is commonplace in Estonia in recent years where there have been several changes and advances that have made Estonia businesses well adapted to receiving online payment and providing payment services to and from clients as well as businesses from anywhere in the world.


Estonia became a Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) member in 2014. SEPA allows payments to be made internationally at the same speed and for the same price as domestic payments. SEPA allows Estonian businesses to utilize this system to make payments and collect payments from their European partners. 


SWIFT is a global messaging network employed by banks and financial institutions for sending and receiving information between themselves. In Estonia, SWIFT's system is an indispensable tool for cross-border payments. The system ensures that international payments are both secure and standardized. 

Why do businesses choose WeavePay to send money to Estonia?

Unlike many other online payment providers, WeavePay provides multi-currency business accounts that allow companies to streamline their cross-border transactions without the usual hindrances posed by traditional banking systems.

Here are some reasons why businesses choose WeavePay:

  • Multi-currency support
  • Quick access and security
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • High-spend physical and virtual debit cards

WeavePay addresses international payment difficulties in Estonia by offering cross-border payment solutions that are fair, easy to use, and transparent for the benefit of businesses in Estonia. Take the first step and join us today. Check your eligibility for a WeavePay account and get started within 48 hours.