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Austria is poised for substantial e-commerce market growth in the coming years. The country demonstrates a strong readiness for cross-border shopping, with many online consumers regularly purchasing from international sources. This trend makes Austria an ideal location for both online and offline market expansion, especially for entrepreneurs looking to broaden their reach. In this article, we'll delve into the specifics of conducting business transactions in Austria, focusing on the needs and solutions for businesses engaged in e-commerce and cross-border trade.

How long will transferring money to Austria take?

Several factors can lead to delays in international transfers, often related to the complexities of the transaction and the specificities of high-spend international businesses. Issues such as the chosen payment processing service and geographical location can impact the speed of the transfer. For instance, sending money from the UK to Albania might take a few days using certain online payment methods.

When you provide the IBAN (international bank account number) of the receiving business or individual in Austria, the processing of funds begins promptly. WeavePay specializes in efficiently handling complex transactions and is dedicated to crediting the recipient in Austria as quickly as possible, regardless of the amount being sent.

Sending money to Austria: is it free?

International transactions typically incur various fees, such as intermediary fees, conversion charges, outgoing fees, and incoming fees. These costs, influenced by location, payment option, and currency exchange rates, can be substantial. This is where WeavePay comes in. While it's not the cheapest option,  WeavePay justifies its cost by offering high-quality transaction services tailored to your specific needs in Austria. With WeavePay, you're investing in a service that matches the value you pay for.

Available payment options in Austria 

Austria enjoys a wide array of payment options, from traditional payment options to standard online payment processing services, some of which include: 


PayPal is an online payment platform that allows users to make payments directly from their PayPal account balance when shopping online. Users create a PayPal account and link it to a credit card or bank account. It offers secure payment processing services for online transactions.

However, PayPal's primary focus is on individual users or at most, sole proprietors. This means larger businesses might not find the services and support they need to operate efficiently and smoothly.


Although a Swedish company, Klarna provides payment and financial services for individuals within and outside Austria. This payment system is popular among Austrians for its buy-now-pay-later system.

Digital Wallets

Austrians transact using this popular payment system. It is widely used for cross-border transactions thanks to its convenience, security, and fast delivery. 

Though easy to use, they’re difficult to open - especially for non-residents. 

Bank Transfer

According to Statista's report, bank transfers account for 32 percent of all online transactions in Austria. For transactions to occur, payment information is required, such as a resident or non-resident bank account. 

Sending money to Austria with WeavePay: What are the benefits?

WeavePay removes the hassles you will experience with traditional banking systems. Its multi-currency business accounts make companies’ transactions between cross-border countries easier. Using WeavePay to send money to Austria, a country famous for different products and online businesses, has several benefits. 

Businesses send and accept online payments in Austria using WeavePay for the following reasons:

  • We’re regulated and fully compliant (WeavePay is registered with FCA)
  • Top-rated services
  • Instant transfers
  • Sophisticated data protection 
  • We support 65 currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, SGD, AED, HUF, RUB, DKK, AUD, CHF, SEK and CNY. 
  • We specialize in high-value transfers

Unlike other alternative payment methods, WeavePay is committed to making international online payment processing faster, easier, and accessible to anyone. You can start sending money to Austria and other neighboring countries today. Find out if you qualify.