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Belarus has a strong economy compared to other Eastern European countries. This is thanks to the government's efforts to attract a lot of foreign investment. As a result, many new local and online businesses are starting in Belarus.

With the growth of these businesses, it's important for online shoppers to have different ways to pay. In this article, we will look at the payment methods available in Belarus, especially for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Available payment methods in Belarus 

While cash payment is Belarus's most prevalent payment option, other ways exist to settle online purchases. Here are the most common alternative payment methods for accepting online payments in Belarus. 

Mobile payments 

Mobile payments are one of the alternative payment methods readily available to mobile device users. Belarusians can pay for online purchases via mobile devices such as smartphones. It is one of the most convenient ways to pay in the country. Using this online payment method requires a recipient's bank account. 

Bank transfers

Bank transfer is one of the most common online payment methods in Belarus's e-commerce space. It is available to both local and foreign shoppers. It requires payment information such as IBAN (international bank account number). With a bank transfer, the recipient receives the money in his bank account. 

While easy to use, these are difficult to open - especially for nonresidents. 

What are the transaction fees for sending money to Belarus?

International transactions typically incur various fees, such as intermediary fees, conversion charges, outgoing fees, and incoming fees. These costs, influenced by location, payment option, and currency exchange rates, can be substantial. 

This is where WeavePay comes in. While it's not the cheapest option,  WeavePay justifies its cost by offering high-quality transaction services tailored to your specific needs in Belarus. With WeavePay, you're investing in a service that matches the value you pay for.

How long does it take to receive payment in Belarus?

Sending money to Belarus involves considering both the cost and the time it will take for the money to reach its destination. This is particularly important for businesses engaged in high-spend, international transactions, where complexity can often lead to longer processing times.

WeavePay is tailored to meet these specific needs. Our platform, focusing on these intricate business transactions, ensures a swift transfer process. Typically, money sent through WeavePay is received within 24 to 48 hours, making it a preferable choice for online businesses in Belarus. In comparison, standard mobile payments can often take up to five days to be credited to the recipient’s account.

Benefits of Using WeavePay for Sending Money to Belarus:

- Quick Transfers: Send money instantly to the recipient.

- Best Exchange Rates: Get favorable rates for your transactions.

- Supports Multiple Currencies: Flexible with various currencies.

- Secure Transactions: Your currency and payment details are safe.

- Low Fees: Enjoy competitive transaction fees.

- FCA Regulated: Reliable and compliant with financial regulations.

- Physical and Virtual Cards: Offers both types of cards for convenience.

WeavePay simplifies the process of sending money to Belarus, making it more straightforward, transparent, and reliable compared to other online payment services. It’s an ideal choice for paying for online purchases in Belarus, also providing the option of prepaid cards.

How do I send money to Belarus with WeavePay?

WeavePay offers the simplest way to send money to Belarus. 

Here’s how you can partner with us for your payment needs: 

  • Application: Fill up a form to state your financial needs.
  • Review: We’ll review your application.
  • Confirmation: We’ll contact you with the outcome of your application within 48 hours.