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Albania is a Southeastern European country that shares borders with different European countries such as Greece, Kosovo, and Montenegro. As a cross-border country, there is an existing trade relationship between these countries, contributing to Albanian Lek's popularity. With over 6,917 registered Albanian businesses, consumers can send money using different payment options. 

While this statistic is convincing enough that Albania is a good marketplace for online and offline businesses, one may want to know the available payment types there. This article will discuss everything you need to know about the country's payment system, including the transfer fee for sending money to Albania. 

What are the Albanian-supported payment methods?

First, it is pertinent to know that Albania has its payment method lists, and these methods are the most used in the country for conventional and online purchases. However, each method may require different payment information, such as a non-resident bank account, IBAN, etc. 


Since its launch in 1998, PayPal has become a highly popular payment system in Albania, especially among online businesses for processing payments. This platform simplifies online transactions, offering quick and efficient payment processing. While PayPal is widely used for its convenience in mobile payments, businesses often need more comprehensive banking solutions for larger-scale operations.


Visa is one of the payment processing services in Albania. It is used for receiving payments, such as salary or pension. However, online businesses also use it to accept online payments when you transact. 


Mastercard is an online payment method that has massively gained recognition in the Albanian business sector. Officially launched in 1966, the payment processing service caters to online purchases and local businesses in Albania. 


Maestro is one of the online payment methods available to the customers of different businesses in Albania. This payment option offers cards where users can pay for online or in-store purchases.  

Bank Transfer

In Albania, bank transfers are a widely used payment method, allowing users to directly send or transfer money from their bank accounts. Though these transfers can be slower than debit or credit card transactions, they are highly valued by businesses for their reliability. For international transfers, recipients typically need to provide an IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

However, non-residents often face difficulties in opening local bank accounts, which is where platforms like WeavePay become useful, offering alternative ways to handle transactions.

Sending money to Albania: How much are the transaction fees? 

Sending money to Albania involves various fees and costs, which can vary based on factors like location and currency exchange rates. The total cost also depends on the amount being sent and received, and it can differ across different payment methods.

How long does sending money to Albania take?

Most bank transfers will require a few days before the recipient can receive payment from the sender. On the other hand, receiving payment in Albania could depend on the online payment service you are using. 

Most payment services will deliver the money you send to the recipient's account within two to three days, which is a bit longer. With WeavePay, you can send money to an Albanian international bank account, and the receiving bank account will be credited often instantly. 

What are the benefits of sending money to Albania using WeavePay?

One of the qualities of a top-notch payment service is its ability to support multi-currency business accounts, which is one of the benefits of WeavePay. Unlike the hindrances of traditional banking systems, WeavePay allows you to send money to many parts of Europe without any hindrance. 

The Albanian business and industrial sector is huge since it borders different European neighboring countries; hence, using WeavePay for these transactions is the best option. The following are reasons to choose WeavePay to send money to Albania.

  • Reliable, secure, and instant transfer 
  • Competitive
  • 100+ currencies
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Regulatory compliance (WeavePay is FCA-approved)

The goal of WeavePay is to make transactions simpler, fairer, and more transparent. As such, the financial landscape in Albania can enjoy more reliable business transactions. Use WeavePay today and uncover the benefits.